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Who we are and what we do:

Who is PromoMagic?

PromoMagic Ltd started life as PromoNet Ltd which was established in 2013 by the late David DAWSON who sadly passed away in February 2019.

The company was born to provide b2b IT services to companies within the promotional products sector. 

PromoMagic is a customer focused company which is supported by our bespoke software systems. Our systems are being used by large, medium and small promotional companies in the UK and the USA.

Our client base continues to grow in the industry with speed and we aim to be the industry leader.

We have the blessing of being totally independent in the promotional industry, we do not sell promotional products, nor are we influenced by any companies that do. This allows us to be independent in our approach to product data.

We have persued the development and improvement of ProMart our cloud based e-commerce system that offers unparalleled speed, but more importantly ease of use. 

ProMart is used by forward thinking companies that want to succeed in the online marketplace, improving work flows and staff managment.

As well as this software offering, PromoMagic not only provides web based support services to various other entities within the promotional merchandise industry, we also support clients outside of the industry. 

These services include but are not limited to; product data management, content creation, bespoke development, consultation, blog supports and managed hosting.


Our Experience

Our staff have a range of experience and expertise, we embrace change and challenges. 

We provide CRM order systems to a range of suppliers and distributors in the promotional merchandise industry.

Staff members are client focused with a drive and passion to support suppliers, distributors, industry associations and catalogue groups.

PromoMagic offers both front and back end solutions and we continue to develop ProMart so that is works for you, our clients.

Our software is built from the ground up which means it can be adapted to suit the needs of our clients.

Once you use ProMart as your CRM order system, you will not look back!

We also have a large amount of experience in producing multimedia content and managing websites across the promotional products and print sectors.

PromoMagic also offers our clients access to over 17,000 promotional products via our Data Directory.

Product Data is one of the most challenging aspects of the industry with different catalogue groups all offering various services and customer experiences.

This is where we are different! We are not controlled or influenced by any catalogue group or supplier which allows us to work with clients independently.




Andy Jennings

“We will work with you, our clients to solve your problems or develop a better solution for your business. Our software is bespoke and made for you, it has a framework, but is not off the shelf or adapted like other products on the market. We are flexible, professional and have the highest integrity. Our clients come first and foremost in our approach to business.”

Managing Director, PromoMagic Ltd

"This is the way we work, this is the way we like to work." 

David Dawson - 2018

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