How Filetype:pdf Can Help You Find Vector Artwork

Creating proofs, mockups or visuals for clients can be hard when you don’t get provided with vector artwork from the offset. Sometimes sales staff will want to approach a prospect with a brochure of options, before they have even done any business with your company. On the other hand clients often send in poor quality jpg/png/gif/bmp files for use as artwork.

Either that or they will place one of the aforementioned formats into a PDF/AI/EPS file. It can often hurt or hamper orders when you are always throwing artwork back to potential and current customers because the quality is not good enough for print. Well over the years I have become an expert in finding logos and vector artwork for orders on the internet.

Once of the most powerful google search features for this is filetype:pdf 


When searching for a logo just include filetype:pdf in the search bar and the search will only return PDF format search results. Then you can look through the results and see if any of the files have the logo you need in vector format.

This is especially effective for medium to large companies. But can also harbour results well for schools, collages and universities. Government bodies often publish PDF documents online that contain vector logos that you can pull from the documents.

Some other Great sites for getting vector logos from are:

Also for larger businesses you can use google image search tools, as indicated below to find logos that you can use.


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