How to Make all Your Images Square in Photoshop

Many suppliers send their images out in all shapes and sizes. These can be hard to work with sometimes as websites and quote software can sometimes do strange things with long and wide images.

They are also all various file sizes and resolutions and generally have little consistency

Generally a website promotional product image will not need to be more than 500x500 pixels at a resolution of 72dpi.

There are various pieces of software that can resize your images on mass. None work with quite the same finesse as photoshop though.

Step 1. Creating the Action

  1. Open Photoshop and create a new document that is 400x400 pixels
  2. Open your actions panel and create an action that sets your canvas size to 500x500 pixels (make sure you have your background colour set to white)
  3. Stop the action recording and then close the document.

Step 2. Copy all your images to a new folder

It’s important to backup all your images and try this on a new folder.

  1. Create 2 folders on your desktop
    • Desktop/Images
    • Desktop/Processed Images
  2. Copy (not move) all the images and folders that you want processes to the /images folder.

Step 3. Run The Image Processor

  1. Goto File > Scripts > Image Processor
  2. Select the folder to process and select the target folder
  3. Check “Resize to Fit” and set the dimensions to 500x500px
  4. Decide wether you want to keep your folder structure. If you have no image name conflicts then your better off storing your images in a single folder. It’s easier to find things that way.
  5. In the bottom section “Preferences” in the image processor you can apply a photoshop action to your images after they have been resized.
  6. Check the Run Action box and select the Canvas Resize action that you created in step 1.
  7. Click Run and your computer will resize all your images to a square canvas and add extra white background to the ones that need it.


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