New Feature - Complex Quotes - Multi Item

We love the simplicity and ease of use of our quote system and so do many of our users. But sometimes the quote you need to do can be complicated and require a ton of different options and ways to break down sizes and options of items such as garments. We have now designed a 2nd quote method to assist with these types of orders. 

From the ProMart Dashboard you can now select the "Add Complex Quote - Clothing - Multi Item" from the drop down under the purple quotes section. 

This will load our new quote edit page, the first tab works in a similar way to the old layout however you now only select the user. On the buying tab is where we search for products to add to the quote. (You can also quick add a product to use in the quote).


Once added you then select the quantity that you wish to load into the quote from the popup prices panel.


 Simply select a price and the corresponding delivery and origination fees will load as additional costs. You can add up to 10 additional costs per item.

From here you can now change the supplier and choose where you want the item delivered too. You can also add in a coupon code should you wish and change the product image or upload a new image to use. 

You can also select the size and colour breakdown using the table icon. You can add an unlimited amount of size and colour options to the table. You can also use this for individual naming by adding names down the left and specifying the size using the columns. It's designed to be as flexible as possible.

In the next tab you can set the markups and choose wether you wish to show the prices as a breakdown or as a single combined price. You can also change the vat rate for each item line. This allows for zero rate VAT on children's clothing etc.

Although this method has certain limitations we feel its a great addition to ProMart and will solve a lot of issues for clients who wish to build their quotes in a more traditional way.

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