ProMart 3.0 - Progress

It's been a chaotic few weeks full of late nights and long weekends. ProMart 3.0 is no small update. We have completely rebuilt the front end shop system so that we no longer have to rely on other components and can easily apply security updates going forwards. I know all our clients are eagerly awaiting their new sites so thought it would be prudent to give a quick update.


  • We now have all new ProMart 3.0 sites on group deployment. (All site core files are synced and on auto deploy for updates)
  • The search system should be finished today.
  • The new vertical menu module will be finished today.
  • The new UiKit 3 System Layouts will be finished this weekend. (4-5 Feb)
  • The new Content Delivery Network is almost uploaded. (All images/PDF's will now be on CDN)
  • All Databases are setup to sync the structure for future database updates
  • The new vertical menu system plugin will be finished shortly

Still To Do

  • Setup Quote system to use its own images per quote and allow an upload / selection for an image.
  • Update image paths across the system
  • Update file locations to allow for backup directly on Amazon S3 for each domain
  • Update all links to products to align with new front end
  • Update all pages with new file locations for Invoices etc
  • Setup all home pages
  • Integrate No-Minimum Orders Back into new shop system
  • Recode Xero and Quickbooks integrations
  • Transfer all development changes to new system from old
  • Rebuild Reseller System (only applies to reseller sites)
  • Finish UiKit3 Integration across ProMart Views

Our First P3 site will be running next week. However back users are going to have to wait a few more weeks for everything to be finished before we can look at migrating data.

We have hit a few blocks along the way which have slowed down the whole process. These have now been resolved and we are finishing fine tuning and will be designing all the new sites in the coming weeks. (That's the fun part!)

Thank-you for your patience. We will get there soon!

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