Happy New Year for 2016 From All at PromoNet

Just a quick post to say thank you to all our clients for your new and continuing business in 2016. Last year saw the first release of ProMart 2.0 to the promotional merchandise industry in the UK. We have taken on over 10 new sites in 2015 with over 35 brand new ProMart users. We currently run 4 ProMart 2.0 Servers on Amazon Web Services!

Our goal for 2016 is 100+ users. January is fully booked for site builds and new integrations are on the way. Including new Google E-commerce transaction tracking modules and Xero accounts software integration planned before April 2015.

A look at the end of 2015 the year ahead into 2016.

New Google analytics E-commerce transaction tracking module.

You can now track order values in Google Analytics using our new tracking module that was built late 2015. Please provide us with your conversion tracking code and we will implement this for you.

Xero Integration

By April 2016 we will be nearing the completion of Xero integration. This will work in the same way as the quickbooks integration and will transfer all customer information / sales orders / invoices / transactions into the Xero accounting platform. A considerable cost had been laid out in building this integration so a one off £200 cost will be applied to any companies wishing to use this plugin.

Stripe Payments

This was completed late 2015 and reduces the cost of running a fully E-commerce ProMart 2.0 website by around £80 a month. There is no cost involved in integrating with Stripe. We thought it a prudent investment as it makes our website system a lot more attractive. Signup for Stripe here. Or check with No-Minimum as they may already have an account setup for you.

What We Hope to Have Complete by 2017

Removing the VirtueMart Requirement.

We are currently using an older version of Virtue-mart to hold the products for the shop system in ProMart 2.0. This limits us to using only Joomla 2.5 templates and prevents us from upgrading Joomla to the latest version. By the end of the year we aim to have completed our own custom built shop system to make ProMart a completely self sustained component for Joomla enabling updates and the use of new Joomla 3 compatible plugins.

Multiple Category and Product Page Layouts.

Currently there is only a single view option for Categories and Products in ProMart. In version 3 we aim to have up to 5 different layouts for each page with further options for cart and payment pages.

That’s it for now! Again thank-you to all our new and existing clients and we will you all a prosperous New Year!

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