MicroSites Update - Full E-Commerce Available Shortly

We have almost completed the setup of the first fully responsive template for MicroSites. Once the Stripe and Paypal integrations are complete ProMart 3.0 clients will be able to build a MicroSite by simply filling in a form on their systems. Once the site is created, users can then add products to the site simply by adding them to their shopping cart on their main ProMart site and pressing a button to copy the products to the MicroSite.

We also now support different payment options from the main ProMart site. (I.e. your clients could receive payment and copies of orders if the site is setup customer specific).

What are MicroSites?

A microsite is an individual website on it's own domain that you can use for marketing a particular product or assign to a specific customer. This can be useful when you have a specific marketing/email campaign aimed at a specific niche. Or if you want to try out some new optimisation methods without risking it negatively effecting your main domain.

It's also useful if you have a lot of keyword domain names sitting in an account not doing much other than costing you in renewal fees. (We've all been there!)

What does it cost?

The MicroSites are tiered on quantity.

  • First 2 sites are free for ProMart users)
  • 3-5 = £25 (PCM Each)
  • 6-20 = £10 (PCM Each)

Setup fee for each site is £100 (Free for ProMart users. This includes a Free SSL Certificate installation, Full Design and 1 free shutter stock image for the home page.

Please note all prices exclude VAT.

Click here to see an example of Category Specific MicroSite

Click here to see an example of a Customer MicroSite

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