New Feature - Credit Control

Today we will be rolling out a new credit control feature. This will override the current credit limits and on stop / off stop system. If you choose to continue to use the old credit limits on the user accounts nothing will be affected.

The new system will be available from the invoices drop down menu. Credit limits assigned in the new system work based on domain name taken from the users email address as this is the only constant data point we have...

Using the domain name means we are able to automatically assign new users at the same company to the same credit account. It does however mean that assigning credit limits to gmail, hotmail and the like is not possible. We don't foresee this being a huge issue and see the benefits of the new system outweighing that.

Credit Account List View

Edit Credit Account View

Points to note:

  • If a domain is set on stop it will be impossible for anyone to raise new orders against anyone else from that domain. This overrides all other settings.
  • If a credit account does not exist or the account is set to "Pro-Forma Only" when raising an order there is a new feature that will attach a Pro-Forma Invoice to the order email. (You can also disable this)

We will in due course be adding in new features to the credit control system that will allow chasing outstanding accounts. We will also be adding in new notifications for when the customer account it over it's limit. We hope you find this new feature useful and as always welcome any feedback.

If you wish to import credit limits in bulk please fill out this CSV file and ping it to use via the support system and we will upload it for you.

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