New Features - June 2016

We have added a lot of new features over the last month. Rather than a seperate post about each we will list them all in this post as there is a lot of them

 No Fail Delivery Dates

The requiried date on the quote edit page now allows you to flag as "No Fail Delivery".


We have also added an option to highlight the quote and order with any colour you choose. These fields will now also appear in the quote listing and the order progress page.

Order Progress Filters

The order filter within order progress can now be saved on a user by user basis. However you want to view the page is now saved in the database so that when you revisit the page your filter is saved.


This will help to focus on what needs to be done whilst filtering out completed tasks.

Task Manager Search Changes

When running a search on the task manager the day filter is now ignored and all tasks relating to a particular quote or customer will be shown.

Supplier Reference Numbers

We have now added a field to record supplier reference numbers on the Purchase Order edit page. Suppliers can also submit their own reference numbers when accepting a purchase order.


Bounce Notifications Fixed

We have now fixed the bounce notifications so you should receive a notification from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should a message be soft bounced / hard bounced / marked as spam / rejected


That's rainbow bouncing a ball on her head by the way. Who doesent love my little ponies?

Revamped bespoke quote request page

The bespoke request page has been updated to look snazzier and work on mobiles a lot better. It also now matches the register page and loads using scrollspy.


User Financial Details Additions

You can now store both a sales administrator and an account director on each customer's financial record. This allows for more enhanced reporting for companies structured this way. You also have the ability to choose which financial year they first started business and what their customer potential is.


Custom Event Dates

You can now store upto 10 custom event dates on user accounts on the financial tab. This can be used for whatever you wish. Usual suspects are when a catalogue was sent out or a promo pack etc. You are able to alter the titles to suit your needs.




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