New Feature - Front End Product Editor

Introducing the latest edition to ProMart 2.0's feature lineup. Front End Product Details Editor.

On each product page administrators now have the ability to edit certain features of a product. However when we import new data from suppliers if the data exists on our import it will overwrite any changes...

Data that does not get overwritten is the following:

Product Position

This allows you to control where in the category listing the product appears. The higher the number the higher the product will appear in categories.

Product Special

This allows you to control which products are marked as "Featured/Recommended". This effects products in carousels and also lists them at the very top of a category in a highlighted box.

Sample On/Off - Sample Price

This allows you to turn on and off the paypal purchase button on your website. It also allows you to set a specific price for a sample of a product. By default this is always set to off. If you wish to import sample prices for all your products you can do so via the spreadsheet upload using the fields sample_available (1 or 0) and product_price (i.e 1.56).

Sub / Alt Supplier

This allows you to record an alternative supplier of a particular product.

Hidden Notes

This field allows you to put hidden notes against a particular product. These are only displayed to administrators.

Edit Product

Edit Product

Important Note: When we import new supplier data, changes to prices and product data will be overwritten if they exist on the new data sheet. If they don't exist then your edits will remain on your site.

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