New Feature: Source Tracking in ProMart 2.0

This week we will be releasing a new feature Source Tracking. One of the most difficult things on promotional merchandise industry websites is to track the source of enquiries and orders. It's difficult because tracking in analytics programs requires a point of sale in order to gauge conversion and the return on investment of a particular sales funnel.

Often you may know how many enquiries you have got, or orders if you have that facility with your current site. But tracking which actually convert from enquiry to quote to order is a bit harder when your systems are all different and not joined together well...


How to assign a source to your enquiry?

The easiest way to assign a source to your campaign is to add this to the URL you are linking to:


This will then assign a source to a cookie and attach it to your enquiry. ProMart 2.0 will then track the source through to your reporting system so you can see directly how effective a particular campaign has been. Be it on social networks or through ProMart 2.0 Google Shopping Mega Feed or an Adwords campaign.

If a source has not been assigned to the visitor before they reach the shopping cart they are presented with a drop down list to choose their own source from a "Where did you hear about us" type list. Your sales staff can assign this when processing enquiries for new clients.

You can filter all of your Enquiries, Orders, Quotes and Invoices by Source in ProMart 2.0

Coming soon we will be adding a new report that allows you to enter your spend on certain campaigns so that you can accurately display ROI.

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