Customer Based Multi Sites

Ideal for Promotional Merchandise Corporate Programmes

One of the main uses for ProMart 3.0 Multisite is the ability to make corporate programme websites that companies with multiple branches can use for ordering promotional merchandise or other items you may stock for them.

These websites can also be used as presentations for prospective clients. They are SSL secured, can be on either a sub domain of your own website, or hosted on a custom domain name. 

They can be provided as an enquiry site and all enquiries will appear under your ProMart 3.0 enquiries list. Or as an E-commerce option with transactions being processed by your Stripe or Paypal account.

Creating a corporate programme site is very easy and fast to do.

  1. Simply navigate around your site adding the products that you wish to add to a customers site to your shopping cart.
  2. Once you have done that you can then simply assign the products in your shopping cart to a customer using an SKU prefix.
  3. When you submit the form all the products that are in the cart will be copied to your own product database and a prefix assigned to the SKU's.
  4. You can then adjust pricing specifically for that customer and even upload new images to the site so that they see their own logo on the products.

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