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We interviewed PPW Sponsor “Elevate” and Managing Director of PF Concept Tracey Bowen for your views on this years campaign

1.       Q: Why do you think it’s important to have Promotional Products Week

A: With the advent of SEO and other online marketing strategies, the benefits of offline marketing, including the proven effects of promotional products, can often be overlooked. However promotional products are still a pivotal tool in marketing and should definitely play a part in any overall marketing strategy.

Promotional Products Week puts the spotlight firmly on promotional products, and enables the industry to play an active role in highlighting their effectiveness and value for money as part of the marketing mix.  This event can help to bring promotional products to the top of the agenda with marketers.

2.       Q: Why should promotional distributors get behind it

A:  Because it’s our industry and our livelihood!  We all depend on it, and it’s important that we all support the BPMA. Together we deliver a more powerful message that will be heard by the right people.  PPW can make a difference, especially if we all get involved.  That’s why Elevate is sponsoring PPW.

3.       Q: What’s your best example of a promotional item being used

A: Elevate is a brand that has transformed the PF Concept textile collection.  Its looks are inspired by retail trends and it combines innovative fabrics with style.   One of Elevates best sellers is the Scotia light down jacket.   On the world stage this garment was used by the global travel and event agency ATP during the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.  Elevate garments have also been used by Audi to dress FC Barcelona and Real Madrid for one of their press events, and by the organization of the World Ski Championships, to keep the Swedish Royal family warm during their visit to the event. Elevate has universal appeal.

4.       Q: How long has Elevate been available in the industry and what’s been its greatest highlight as a brand.

A: Elevate was conceived in Canada in 2006 and burst onto the world stage at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. The event showcasing its leading design and universal appeal. Elevate was launched into the European promotional market by

PF Concept International in January 2013 and since then has gone from strength to strength and continues to grow in popularity.  Many of the garments are award winners, for example the Elevate Scotia jacket has won a prestigious Red dot design award and the Elevate Mani Power fleece, an iF design award.

5.       Q: What trends are you noticing with product and branding

A:   From a product perspective, the gap between retail looks and promotional has become much smaller in recent years. Companies demand the detailed lifestyle designs they see on the high streets.  Elevate is an energetic and active lifestyle brand that successfully combines innovative fabrics with urban style.  Suitable for outdoor, sport events and  is suitable of everyday use, when you just want to look good.

When it comes to branding, nowadays there is a desire for sophisticated decoration techniques, like debossing, laser engraving and sublimation.  Debossing your brand onto a garment can create a subtle and sophisticated finish, whilst sublimation and digital print helps create an impression which is fun and trendy.   Choosing the most suitable decoration technique is important and can help to reinforce the end users brand values. 

Decoration can make the most mundane promotional product come alive.   

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