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Are you tyred of the same old promotional products? The sales pressure is on, but don’t lose your bottle, we’re pumped! Try a promotional bicycle…


Here at Avocet Sports, Worsley, Manchester, we are delighted to be supporting Promotional Products Week 2014 by contributing a ladies heritage style bicycle complete with wicker-style basket and specially created PP Week decals to show just what a promotional bike might look like.

An example of what we can do for any client who wishes to venture into the world of cycling for promotional use, we can design and tailor make any bicycle (or range of bicycles) that will suit your requirements, price points and more importantly, your consumers, while still maintaining the highest levels of quality and performance.
We can also provide cycling accessories if needed!

So why choose a bicycle for your promotion?

Cycling lets you have fun and get some of that much needed exercise, whilst being kind to the environment at the same time. It can also be a great way to run errands, commute to work or experience a backcountry trail. Not to mention more serious pursuits such as touring or racing. Needless to say a bike makes for an exciting & desirable eco-friendly promotional product.
Now if you imagine, with the above points in mind, a bicycle featuring your company logo / design will continually promote your business and strengthen your brand. It is a travelling advertisement!
So not only are you offering a product which is likely to be kept, loved, and used repeatedly, but it is also repeatedly promoting your business as long as it is in use!

It is of course important to think about your intended target market when choosing the right bike for your promotion. Our pink PP Week heritage bike is an eye-catcher for a trendy fashion conscious lady, but perhaps not so much to the older sports orientated male!

We can supply all styles, from Mountain Bikes, to Road Bikes, to Fixies, to BMX, to Children’s and even models such as trikes.
We can reflect any brand & design with our bicycles; a retail high street store, clothing name, radio stations, supermarket chains, food or drink brands ….. the list is endless.

You need only look at London city’s Boris Bikes to see how effective the use of bicycles has been in Barclays’ promotional venture!
It is worth noting that as well as the promotion gained from the bike itself being ridden, there is also great potential to attract new consumers and even the chance to use such a unique prize as a means to conduct some market research.

For example, recently we gave away a ladies bike at a small scale client’s open day as a raffle prize.
In just a couple of hours over three hundred people entered the competition by writing their answer to a question featured on a flyer and submitting this with their details! ….. Shortly after we then selected a winner at random.
Other examples may be a free bike that might be up for grabs as an incentive, perhaps purchase a number of one product or service, receive a bike after so many, or a competition on your preferred social media site as a means to attract new followers & business…… the possibilities are vast!

Keeping with the team, Pinky Van-Lare of the BPMA rode our eye-catching and (aptly!) coloured pink bike through Russell Square and handed out promotional products from it’s basket.

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