Use of Social Media in the Promotional Industry

Over three billion people from around the world use social media, and over a billion people use Facebook on a regular basis. The opportunities to showcasing your products and services on the most interconnected platforms that the world has ever known can't be overstated. Social media can enable you to reach your target audience in a truly personalised way and significantly enhance your promotional company's exposure among the 50 million in the UK who have at least one social media account.

Increase Brand Awareness

Embracing social media as a growth strategy is critical because it helps to build brand awareness and encourages targeted customer engagement. Your service, to a certain degree, is only as powerful as the people who know about it. Social media can help more people find out about what makes you stand apart from the competition.

Social media has the effect of boosting your visibility with your target audience and opening your company up to a whole new collective of potential customers in an open source environment.

Reaching a wider audience usually requires the development and implementation of a massive marketing outreach effort, but social media outreach is much simpler than that.

Building awareness is potentially free, but it shouldn't be an endeavor that you dive head-long into without taking the time to develop a Social media strategy.


Are you hoping to bring a few more targeted local customers or major companies into the fold? In that case you might also want to consider implementing a local search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Even if your products and services are entirely online, your business could benefit from a responsive, open source website and search engine optimisation that links to your Social Media.


Step one is still increasing your brand awareness and exposure on social media, but your company can eventually become highlighted by embracing a well organised and effective social media outreach.

Visually oriented social media platforms like Instagram, Linked-in, Facebook etc can be a great place to showcase your abilities as a company. By using open source Social Media, you place your company into the laps of the viewers.

Ensuring that your content marketing is engaging, professional and honest allows your company to be noticed as a dependable leader in the field.

Rules of engagement!


Social Media is a powerful tool to use, but if you use it in the wrong way, it can be devastating!

Try not to place your private life into the mix when making posts, you need to ensure there is a fine balance of personal information shared, you want to appear human, but with your company forthmost in the post in order to grab the attention of the viewer.

Remember, once you post onto Social Media, it can not be undone! A sensible and achievable Social Media policy is needed, this will give you direction as to when, where and what to post.

The one clink in the armor of Social Media is giving the power of reply and reviews to your customers or anyone else using the platform. If you receive a bad review on Social Media, you need to deal with it in a sensible manner.

Do you just delete it and hope it goes away? Probably not, as it would have been screen grabbed and shared somewhere else causing a snowball effect, you will be unable to stop, nor control it.

If you respond to a bad review, it shows the viewers that you embrace such criticism and your customer service is fundamental. If you show support to a bad review, others will see it as a good thing as it gives prospective customers the knowledge that they will be looked after.


Finally, Social Media is not the answer to free advertising, it is just another tool that you can use to enhance your visibility, but use is wisely!

You must understand and learn each platforms capabilities, and which audience they attract.

Would you really send a SnapChat of a promotional product to a customer? They would only be able to see it for seconds!


If your company needs advice or guidance on Social Media strategies, then get in touch with us a Promomagic, we would love to help

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